Smart, Agile, Imaginative

What does it take to sell your product or service in a highly competitive world. The ability to stand out from the crowd. Get yourself noticed. Make a noise. Do the unexpected. It takes the right mix of creativity, experience and commercial realism. It takes the difference between that agency and This*.

Our Approach

There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach. So whether engaging with a business or consumer market we have to be creative. We bring together creativity, technology and strategy in whatever blend is right for our clients to deliver brilliant communications and content that help build their business. We build brands, innovate, spread the news and create awareness. We work in whichever platform is right for you. From digital to print, advertising, radio, product literature and print to PR and content. We are here to deliver and we won’t let you down.

Our ethos

In our experience it’s only when somebody truly understands you and your business that they can distil the facts to communicate your messages clearly. It’s the kind of skill that needs both experience and creative flair. In the words of one of our most longstanding clients: Larry Walsh Business Development Director, Applied Media. “This* agency has added significant value to our business. They took our conservative approach to product branding and brought it alive with creative ideas. They have not only provided us with a structured approach right across our marketing activity but they go the extra mile. I definitely see our relationship developing further.”