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How will you maintain your company culture as your business grows?

It’s often thought that finance and cash flow are the big headaches for growing businesses, In fact recruiting and retaining the right people can be every bit as challenging.

For many business owners maintaining company culture remains a major concern.

Professor Gerry George of the Imperial College London says that when businesses are small they probably don’t need a structured approach, but when they start to grow it becomes a big concern.

When a business takes off he says:  “Suddenly you need career development and to clarify what people’s roles are. A lot of companies don’t do that.”

Good culture is good for your workforce and good for productivity

Here are three tips to getting started

  1. Communication is important

This becomes increasingly difficult as the workforce grows. Slow and irrelevant communications that lack targeting and a personal appeal can lead to disengagement and increased feelings of isolation.

An open communication policy as your business grows can help combat the problem and will help ensure your staff continue to feel like an integral part of your business.

This is especially important if your business is going through a period of change, so staff get the message first hand rather than on the grapevine. The same applies for staff who work off site or if your business operates across multiple locations.

  1. Rewards are appreciated

Contented workers tend to be more productive, take fewer sick days and are more loyal to the company. These facts are backed up by research published by the University of Warwick that shows how happiness can increase productivity by as much as 10%.

So it’s worth showing your appreciation and letting your employees feel valued and rewarded. These don’t have to be big gestures, but little and often counts for a lot and it costs nothing to say thank you.

Remember, employment doesn’t have to be all work and no play. An early finish on a Friday will always go down well and some team building activity could also keep your workforce healthy.

  1. Invest in your workforce

Your staff are your ambassadors, so having the right people on your team is part of projecting your company culture.

It’s all to easy to focus on customers and growth and take your eye off attracting and retaining the right people.

So when you’re interviewing, employ people who share your values and culture, and take the time to invest in your brand.