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Media Planning and Buying

A marketing agency with bags of experience is usually the hub of a successful campaign.

They offer a planning and buying service backed up with consumer insight to help their clients deliver a targeted message and get more bangs for their buck. The service is often backed-up by a creative team to produce relevant and memorable campaigns to engage with consumers. In fact, a good agency will get to really know their clients and then be in a position to advise on which media to best reach their target audience. In essence the agency can become part of the regular business support network for their clients to rely on.

So what does it cost?

Well – remember that the agency is on your side and fighting your corner. They know the tricks and will negotiate hard to get the best value from your budget. They then typically earn 10-15% commission of the advertising space cost paid to the agency by the media owner. If all goes well it works out as a win-win situation with you the client getting best value and the agency earning their commission. Getting this decision right can have a real impact on your business so it is well worth taking your time to find the best fit for you.

1.Choose a full service agency

A full service agency will not only be able to plan and buy your press, radio and outdoor media but offer the creative skills you need too. They will also offer branding, web design and PR as well as traditional print management – so you only need one point of contact.

2. Know who will manage your account

Find out who will handle your account on a day-to-day basis and make sure you meet them. You may have frequent contact with your account handler so be sure it’s somebody you want to work with and know who will have overall management responsibility.

3. Size needn’t matter

As with most business relationships it’s the people that make things happen, not the size of the company. In fact, choosing an agency that boasts a portfolio of big brand clients can be counterproductive if they scream out for priority treatment. So it’s more important to find the right mix of skills and personality in a team that you want to work with and who want to work with you.

4. Check out the portfolio

What you really want to know is can this agency add value to your business. It doesn’t matter how many awards they claim to have it is far more important to see their portfolio and learn about who the agency has worked with and what they can do for you.

5. Pricing

The predictability of a retainer fee may work well for your business or you may think it better to work on an ad hoc basis. Either way a good agency will tell you up front what is in the deal to avoid any nasty surprises.